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This Animated Life: Inspiration in art and tech that reconsider the boundaries of space & time.

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Curve descent pattern, by Oleg Soroko, architect at After-Form
more beautiful work on his website

EPILOG - dance with light and shadows

3D Printed Motion Sculpture - Eyal Gever
preserving a moment of what he calls “states where rest and motion exist together.”
"I create sculptures based on sublime moments."

trace simulation

Ljós is the translation of the latent content of the dream, in a manifest content. by fuse*

Concept design: Sucker Punch Productions’ - inFAMOUS Second Son, character is a Conduit who is able to summon superhuman powers. See Article.

Beautiful Mimicry  
Dean O’Callaghan created a wooden automaton machine that mimics the splash after a water droplet hits a puddle.


Glen Keane was the supervising animator for the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. I’m unsure if he drew this sequence, but it is fantastic.

Artist - Dennis Hlynsky. From his bio, he works with and loves the “electronic temporal plastic image”. Work shown on Colossal and sploid

Touch The Cosmos - Aether - Interactive Gallactic Makeover